Wallpaper Sampling Service

We know that viewing wallpaper on a screen can be difficult to do. So for our wallpapers we offer a sampling service.
Our samples (8.5” x 11” / A4-size) are real-sized fragments of the wallcover-design. You’ll get an impression of the colour, atmosphere and the material to ensure you are completely satisfied with both colour and design before placing your wallcover-orders.
Sample orders will be sent by standard mail, shipping in the Netherland is free of charge. For shipping outside the Netherlands we charge delivery costs.  Our samples are 5.00 euro each, as a symbolic amount for the processing costs. These sample-costs will be refunded with your final wallpaper-order.

Requesting samples.

To request samples you can fill out the form below. Fill in your design(s) of choice, your name and address. You will receive an order confirmation and paymentlink within 24 hours. After receiving your payment, we will start processing your order. The production and delivery time will be around 1 – 1,5 week, depending on the country.

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