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Petit Seats


Petit Seats

The “Petit Seats” exude a sophisticated aesthetic and are finished with a surprising La Aurelia twist for a spirited look. With a wide range of uni-colored velvet fabrics, the seats can be harmoniously matched with any La Aurelia wallpaper design, creating a cohesive and balanced interior. In addition, each piece of furniture is uniquely finished with a personalized La Aurelia detail from the current wallpaper collections.

The series includes two types of poufs, “Pouf Solo” and the “Pouf Duet,” a Fauteuil called “Petit Pleasure” and an exciting sofa called “Sweetheart. These seats can be styled with luxurious cushions and optional rugs of the same design, creating a complete and harmonious unit. The perfect combination of comfort and style makes these seats ideal for both formal and informal spaces.


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