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Petit Seats

Petit Seats by La Aurelia: An Elegant Fusion of Design and Luxury

Petit Seats by La Aurelia is a refined furniture line that exudes the chic ambiance of high-end hotels and exclusive clubs. These handcrafted, compact seating pieces seamlessly integrate with the stunning wallpaper designs of La Aurelia.

The Petit Seats collection includes the Sweetheart sofa, two types of Poufs named Solo and Duet, and a Petit Pleasure armchair. They can be perfectly matched in color thanks to a wide selection of solid velvet fabrics, allowing customers the freedom to tailor their seating pieces to their existing interior or a specific La Aurelia wallpaper design.

Each piece of furniture is meticulously crafted with utmost precision and adorned with a unique La Aurelia signature edge, inspired by one of the exquisite designs from La Aurelia’s wallpaper collections. This signature edge adds a subtle yet striking accent to each piece of furniture, making it stand out as a work of art in its own right.

The powerful synergy between organic shapes and the distinctive ‘La Aurelia-touch’ elevates these seats to a unique design level. The Petit Seats form a beautiful harmony with La Aurelia wallpaper and decorative items such as carpets and cushions, creating a complete experience that leaves an impression both aesthetically and functionally.

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