My dream is to bring colorful passion to interiors worldwide

Meet The Founder

I don’t design Patterns, I design Dreams

Meet Aurelia Ebbe, a successful “fempreneur” from the Netherlands who has turned her passion for art, photography, nature, and writing into a thriving business. As the founder and designer of La Aurelia Design, Aurelia creates unique and imaginative designs that bring joy and delight to any space.

With a focus on storytelling, she infuses her designs with lovely details and richness, drawing inspiration from the special things around her every day.

In this introduction, you will read about Aurelia’s journey from a small workshop to a well-known wallpaper brand, her passion for creating beautiful decors, and her vision for bringing beauty and vibrancy to interiors worldwide, together with her team.

Founder – Designer

Aurelia Ebbe

Meet Aurelia Ebbe, a successful designer and entrepreneur from the Netherlands, who is living her dream of bringing a world of composed and finest pieces into vision through her luxury label ‘La Aurelia Design’. With her most creative and classy designs, Aurelia tells stories through wallpapers and decor pieces that are fully customizable to any project request.

‘Aurelia’ is not just a name, it’s a family tradition. It’s an old Latin name which means ‘The Golden One’, and it’s a name that has been passed down from mother to daughter in Aurelia’s family for generations. Aurelia chose to name her company ‘La Aurelia’ with a classy ‘La’ in front, to pay homage to her family’s tradition and to add a touch of sophistication.

Aurelia started ‘La Aurelia’ in 2013 as a label with inspiring photographic images for the homedecor market. Her clients and business network were impressed and inspired by her work, which led Aurelia to develop the label further. In 2015, she launched her first collection ‘Dutch Dreams’, which included Fine Artpanels and Classy Wallpapers.

Aurelia’s designs are inspired by old traditions, a combination of techniques of arts, digital mixed media on special canvases. Her stories pour from her heart and come to life with colorful, lovely details and richness. Aurelia’s love for nature and cultures, inspired by the life around her: nature, flowers, art, music, and emotions, is evident in her work. She stands for her dreams: creating narrative, unique walldesigns, to bring colorful passion to interiors worldwide!

Since the launch of La Aurelia Design, Aurelia has released new collections every year, each one adding a new statement to the professional interior markets. Her success and drive were rewarded, and in 2016, Aurelia became businesswoman of the year in the Flevoland region.

But Aurelia is not done yet. She has many more wishes and dreams to share, and she continues to create new and exciting designs that showcase her own unique design DNA. Aurelia’s increasing group of influential fans are following her on social media globally, and you can too by following her adventures on her personal instagram-page.

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, narrative wall design for your home or business, look no further than La Aurelia Design, and let Aurelia Ebbe bring your vision to life.

Award Winning Label

Our Awards

Aurelia & her team are awarded with:

2015: The National Creativity Award

2016: Businesswoman of the Year, Regional Award

2017: Nominee VIVA400 Award for Ambitious Businesswomen

2017: On the committee shortlist of TheNextWomen to Watch

2018: Nominee VIVA400Award for Ambitious Businesswomen

2020: Nominee Hospitality Awards Shortlist by LUXlife

2021: Global Hospitality Award 2020 – Best Luxury Wallcovering Design Company by LUXlife

Review Award Ceremony 'Businesswoman of the Year, Regional 2016

The story of La Aurelia Design, how did we start?

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