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Haute Couture Wallpaper Service

Custom Design Service

La Aurelia Design is into the business of producing quality bespoke solutions. Our core business as a wallpaper design studio, is to deliver full customization for all collection models. It is very important to realize that there are almost no limits to what our studio can produce. We have created designs, that can “evolve” towards the world of our customer, through re-design. We call this our : Haute Couture Wallpaper Service.  

La Aurelia Design realizes concepts and customizations for hotels, restaurants, bars and offices, residential or public domain. We dress your walls with unique & stylish creations! All our designs are the base for customized wallpaper projects. These designs can be adjusted on demand to fit any size or Pantone Color desired. Adjustments within the designs are also possible.

We love to put our clients central and give them personal attention and surprise them with our bespoke concepts. With our service, the customer receives a private Wallpaper with a distinctive design, a perfect fit and outstanding service.

Let us change or redesign your walls, the possibilities are endless!

Full Service


We work together with a selected team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to superior craftsmanship! The installers are trained and experienced in hanging wallpapers and wallcoverings of La Aurelia Design in properties ranging from boutiques, restaurants, and offices to exclusive homes. They provide a consultation and expert advice for the project.

Use a professional for a professional job to help you enjoy a stress-free experience!



La Aurelia Design is open to future designing collaboration opportunities in various forms. For example exclusive range design of themes or development of private collections for international hotel chains or luxury resorts.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s our pleasure to advise you!

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