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Where can I find my local partner?

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for searching for a local partner.
Rather than listing our partners on the website, we’ve chosen to keep our network exclusive to maintain the highest standards of service, privacy and luxury customization.

By reaching out to us directly via WhatsApp, you open the door to a more intimate and tailored experience. This allows us to understand your specific needs and preferences better. Through this personalized approach, we can recommend the most suitable local partner who aligns seamlessly with your requirements.

Our commitment to exclusivity ensures that you receive not only the best products but also the most relevant and context-specific advice. Connect with us on WhatsApp today, and let’s embark on a journey of tailored solutions together.

Ready to connect?

  • Respond “Connect” via Whatsapp.
  • +316-4098-3422
  • Also app your name, city and country.
  • Only after receiving these we can connect you with the right partner.

Rest assured, if none is available nearby, we will find an alternative match.

Bespoke Service

Becoming a partner

Thank you for interest in becoming a La Aurelia- partner.

At La Aurelia design, we believe in fostering strong partnerships to provide you with the most personalized and localized solutions. Therefore, to guarantee the distinctiveness of spreading our exclusive high-end designs.

Be part of our exclusive network of business partners for sales and mutual synergy, and offer unique design to your market.

Ready to Partner?

  • Respond “Partner” via Whatsapp
  • +316-4098-3422
  • Also app your company registration number, site, VAT and business details via WhatsApp. Only after receiving these we will take you in consideration.
  • Let’s embark on a journey of tailored solutions together!



behind the scenes

Book your La Aurelia Video Tour

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite design!

Experience the allure of La Aurelia Wallpaper with a personalized video tour of our showroom in ETC Design Center Europe.

Join us every Monday for an exclusive glimpse into the artistry that can adorn your walls.

Ready to elevate your space?

  • Respond “Tour” via Whatsapp
  • +316-4098-3422

Let’s schedule your private viewing via WhatsApp video. 

Explore our world through video tours available exclusively on Mondays, between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM Central European Time (CET). Witness the beauty of La Aurelia Wallpaper from the comfort of your space and we will answer all your questions.

Don’t miss out on the beauty that awaits.


Visit us

Book your La Aurelia Physical Tour

Step into luxury with a personalized tour of the La Aurelia Wallpaper showroom at Culemborg, The Netherlands.

Join us for an exclusive in-person experience every Monday
Witness the beauty of our designs firsthand.

Ready to explore?

  • Respond “Visit” via Whatsapp
  • +316-4098-3422
  • and let’s schedule your Monday showroom tour.

People attend from all over the world, so make sure you book your tour on time. And if you’re lucky you’ll meet designer Aurelia in person.

One of a kind

Request an Exclusive Limited Edition of 1/1

As a design studio, we specialize in crafting exclusive, bespoke 2D or 3D luxury wallpaper designs, offering one-of-a-kind creations for discerning clients who seek a unique and opulent aesthetic to adorn their walls at a premium cost.

In addition to our collections, it is possible to let designer Aurelia create a limited edition wallpaper for your design needs 1/1 only. 
No one else in the world will have this physical wallpaper but you! 
(ex. digital file, ex. licensing). It will never end up in our collections.

To ensure we capture every detail of your requirements, we’ll begin with a thorough consultation to understand your preferences, ideas, and specific elements you’d like to incorporate. This collaborative process allows us to create a design that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Feel free to share any inspiration, color schemes, or themes that resonate with you. We are committed to delivering a customized design that reflects your individuality and makes a lasting impression.

Design timeline and Payment terms:

  • 1 st. Consultation call by Whatsapp € 500,-
  • 1 st. Raw concept by email later in time € 1000,-
  • 1 st. Correction round € free
2nd Concept by email later in time € 1000,-
  • 2nd Correction round € free
  • Final Accepting the proposed design € 7500,-
  • Production of the Limited Edition wallpaper 1 piece of 1 included within your needed wall size (maximum W 500 cm x H 290 cm)

Please note:

  • You will only own the wallpaper as a paper piece.
  • You will not own the digital file.
  • You may not reproduce the image.
  • You may not license the image to third parties.
  • You will pay each design round beforehand as above.
  • You will sign an agreement in advance for confirmation.


Ready to let us Craft a limited One-of-a-kind?

  • Respond “Limited Edition” via Whatsapp
  • +316-4098-3422
  • and let’s schedule our consultation call by Whatsapp video on Monday’s.

Reserved for the Elite: Tailor-Made, One-of-a-Kind.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s our pleasure to advise you!

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